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Marketing and Service Platforms for Professionals Serving Aging Seniors and their Families

Life Resource Planning

The Life Resource Planning System is available from the National Care Planning Council as a monthly subscription service. This system is entirely online. It is designed so potential clients such as children of aging seniors or supporters of aging seniors fill out an online questionnaire. The questionnaire software then produces an online “survey report” in PDF format that is downloaded to the planner’s computer. Life resource planning is designed as a way to identify issues that aging seniors and their families might be facing. It is not a formal planning process, but leads to formal planning with financial practitioners, insurance agents, care managers, home care providers, attorneys and so forth. Any number of plans can be produced for the single monthly subscription. Planning questionnaires and survey reports are stored in a private database that is specifically provided to each subscriber of the system.

You are almost always dealing with the children or other supporters of aging seniors as your clients. Our system also allows you to plan for them as well by doing a retirement planning survey. it is a 2-for-1 planning opportunity generated by one lead. Working with aging seniors allows you to interact with their children or supporters and assist them with planning as well.

Our Life Resource Planning System produces two different reports. The first report is called a “Life Resource Survey.” The second report is called a “Retirement Planning Survey.” In Chapters 4 and 5 of the “Training Manual for Collaborative Senior Marketing” we discuss how to create and present a Life Resource Survey or a Retirement Planning Survey. You will also find the instructions for presenting a Retirement Planning Survey in the section on the LRP homepage that is devoted to retirement planning.

Training Manual for Collaborative Senior Marketing

Training Manual for Collaborative Senior MarketingThe “Training Manual for Collaborative Senior Marketing” is available as a free resource in PDF format. It is also available in printed form for a small printing, handling and shipping charge. The Training Manual is the foundation for our collaborative senior marketing approach. In addition to the “Support System Tools for Collaborative Marketing Platforms” which is an overview and introduction at the beginning of the publication, the Training Manual is organized into the following five chapters:

Chapter 1Collaborative Senior Marketing Will Create New Business
Chapter 2Effective Promotional Strategies for Collaborative Marketing
Chapter 3How to Organize a Successful Local Planning Council
Chapter 4Understanding Life Resource Planning
Chapter 5How to Organize a Life Resource Planning Council

You can download, free of charge – with no obligation or requirement to provide your contact information – the entire training manual in PDF format.

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