Collaborative Marketing Platforms

Collaborative Senior Marketing

Marketing and Service Platforms for Professionals Serving Aging Seniors and their Families

Understanding the Senior Marketing Tools from the NCPC

The National Care Planning Council (NCPC) supports four highly effective marketing platforms for Collaborative Senior Marketing. In order to implement these platforms, the NCPC provides the following tools for a collaborative marketing group. These system tools include: 1) the “Training Manual for Collaborative Senior Marketing,” 2) the “Successful Senior Marketing System,” 3) NCPC support for “Local Planning Councils,” 4) the “Life Resource Planning System” and; 5) the “CLRP Designation.” You can mix-and-match a purchase of any one or all of the tools for marketing support in order to implement any one of the the following 4 marketing platforms.

Platform Option #1 – A Local Collaborative Senior Marketing Group

Collaborative marketing to serve aging seniors and their supporters is a natural consequence of the fragmented sources of senior services available in a local area. Senior service providers are naturally drawn to networking to provide their services to the public. Our philosophy focuses on providing free education and advice to family, relatives and other persons who are supporting the needs of aging seniors. Our “Successful Senior Marketing System” provides materials to advertise and promote a local Collaborative Senior Marketing Group. The “Training Manual for Collaborative Senior Marketing” is available as a free resource in PDF format.

Platform Option #2 – A Local Planning Council

A Local Planning Council is an organization of senior providers and advisers who wish to formally organize using a unique name and a promotional approach that provides a one-stop shopping service for families needing support for aging seniors. This formal organization also includes putting together a website and providing brochures and other material which promote the Council in the local marketing area. A Planning Council goes beyond a Collaborative Marketing Group by working together as a cohesive alliance of like-minded providers and by conducting educational workshops as a way to promote the services of the alliance. Material for advertising and promoting a Council is included in the “Successful Senior Marketing System.” In addition, the National Care Planning Council will support a local Planning Council through listing services, consultation, online request forms and website creation and support.

Platform Option #3 – Life Resource Planning

A Collaborative Marketing Group aims to create sales leads for the group. Our philosophy for collaborative marketing focuses on planning and not on direct sales when meeting with persons who represent sales leads. Life Resource Planning was designed to accomplish the planning activities of a Collaborative Marketing Group. The LRP process easily converts leads into sales of products and services. Online questionnaires will produce PDF reports to help your clients plan for long term care, access government benefits, find funding, set aside money for death benefits, and preserve assets.

Platform Option #4 – A Life Resource Planning Council

Combining the resources of a Local Planning Council with the power of Life Resource Planning results in a synergy we call the “Multiplier Effect.” Individuals and organizations working together as a “Life Resource Planning Council” can enhance sales opportunities tenfold or more over those individuals marketing alone as single practitioners.

The CLRP™ Designation (Certified in Life Resource Planning)

The Society for Life Resource Planning sponsors individuals who desire to earn the “Certified in Life Resource Planning” designation (CLRP™). By attaining this designation, the graduate will have the background knowledge necessary to successfully execute the Life Resource Planning Process on behalf of potential clients. Click here to review the requirements for this designation.

About the NCPC and Collaborative Senior Marketing

Thomas DayCollaborative Senior Marketing is an advertising and promotional concept provided through the National Care Planning Council (NCPC). This marketing approach is designed to assist senior service providers, senior organizations and senior advisers to more easily market themselves to aging seniors and their children or other supporters. The Collaborative Senior Marketing approach, as outlined in the “Training Manual for Collaborative Senior Marketing,” has been developed and tested over many years by the founder of the National Care Planning Council – Thomas Day. Tom has used all of the ideas and strategies outlined in the Training Manual to build a successful career serving the needs of aging seniors and their families.

Training Manual for Collaborative Senior Marketing

Training Manual for Collaborative Senior MarketingThe “Training Manual for Collaborative Senior Marketing” is available as a free resource in PDF format. It is also available in printed form for a small printing, handling and shipping charge. The Training Manual is the foundation for our collaborative senior marketing approach. In addition to the “Support System Tools for Collaborative Marketing Platforms” which is an overview and introduction at the beginning of the publication, the Training Manual is organized into the following five chapters:

Chapter 1Collaborative Senior Marketing Will Create New Business
Chapter 2Effective Promotional Strategies for Collaborative Marketing
Chapter 3How to Organize a Successful Local Planning Council
Chapter 4Understanding Life Resource Planning
Chapter 5How to Organize a Life Resource Planning Council

You can download, free of charge – with no obligation or requirement to provide your contact information – the entire training manual in PDF format.

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